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The MetalX Cookie Policy should be read in conjunction with the Privacy Policy.

What are cookies

Cookies are small text files placed on your device when you visit a website.

These files do not contain personal data, but they do contain an identifier allowing us to associate your personal data with a certain device.

Many websites use cookies and you can find out more about them at All About Cookies.

Why do we use cookies?

These files serve several useful purposes, including:

  • granting you access to restricted content;
  • tailoring the website’s functionality to you personally by letting the originating website to remember your preferences, location or device type;
  • improving how the website performs;
  • understanding the website’s audience so that the most relevant content is provided;
  • allowing third parties to provide services to the website; and
  • help the website to deliver interest-based advertising where appropriate in compliance with the applicable laws.

The types of cookies we use

This website uses different types of cookies. Some of these cookies are placed by us, while others are placed by our third-party plugins, suppliers or advertisers. These may be deleted from your device at different times, such as at the end of your browsing session (when you leave the website) or after a pre-set amount of time, or they may persist on your device until you delete them.

We use the following type of cookies on our website:

  • essential cookies – these are cookies that allow our website to perform its essential functions
  • site analytics cookies – these are cookies that monitor how our website is performing and how you interact with it

These cookies also collect information from your browser such as your Internet Protocol Address (IP Address), browser used to access the website, Operating System and version as well as the date on which the website was accessed.

How to control and delete cookies

We will not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information about you. However, should you choose to disable, reject or block our cookies, some parts of our website will not function fully, or in some cases, our website will not be accessible at all.

For more information on how to control your cookie settings and browser settings, or how to delete cookies on your device, please visit All About Cookies.

Updates to this policy

We may occasionally make changes to this policy. When we make material changes to this policy, we will provide you with a prominent notice on our website.

Cookie Policy